Private Party

Kearney Wine and Design is an experience unlike any other. Along with crafting unforgettable memories for you and your friends to cherish, you’ll also be able to take home the masterpiece you create and keep it as a special reminder of your visit!

Below we have listed information on our private parties, a special reservation option specifically for groups who would like to experience Kearney Wine and Design together. If you don’t have enough people or you want to attend on a Friday or Saturday night, please register for one of our regular classes. Just use the same group name when registering and we’ll make sure you are all seated together!

To book a private party, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. If you would like to see our regular class dates, please visit our calender. 

What Dates Are Available For Private Party Bookings?

Any date/time that is not already taken on our calender is open for reservation! Slots are given on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to book your party well in advance – slots fill up quickly once the calender becomes available!

  • Day & Night parties cost a minimum of $240 and allow for up to 8 people. Each extra guest is an additional $30 for 16×20 canvas and the maximum occupancy is 50 people. An initial, nonrefundable $100 deposit is required upon reservation.
  • Kearney Wine and Design can also come to you! If you supply the tables and chairs, we’ll take care of the rest. A private party of this type costs a minimum of $600 and allows for up to 20 people. Any extra guests cost an additional $30 each. The setup fee is $150. An initial, nonrefundable $400 deposit is required upon reservation. If your event location is outside of city limits, a traveling fee will be added as well. Please give us a call to iron out any details if you are interested in this option!


  • 16×20 Canvas $30
  • 12×16 Canvas $25
  • Door Hangers $35
  • Palette Boards $40


  • 16×20 Canvas $20
  • 12×16 Canvas $15
  • Kids Door Hangers $18


  • $100 deposit for private parties. Refundable up to 10 days before the event.

What Should I Bring?

Kearney Wine and Design will provide the paint, brushes, aprons, canvas, and easel. Wine, beer, soda, and various other drink options are also available for purchase at our bar. You are welcome to bring your own food or have your event catered by a local restaurant. You are also welcome to bring decorations for your event!

What Can I Paint?

Anything you want! We have several paintings in our gallery to choose from, or you can work with one of our artists to create your own unique masterpiece. We work with every size and budget to make planning easy so you can focus on the FUN. Check out our gallery to see which options are available, or give us a call and we’ll send you a file containing several possible paintings!

What If I Need To Cancel?

Please review our cancellation policy here.

Kids Birthday Parties

(Recommended for ages 7 and older.)

Have a child who loves to paint, or whose creative juices never seem to run dry? Make their birthday extra special by booking a party with Kearney Wine and Design! The birthday boy or girl will decide on the painting, and the instructor will help them and their friends compose their very own version! You’re also welcome to bring any decorations, cake, drinks, snacks, plates, napkins, cups, and so on to make their day extra special. If you bring along an iPod loaded with their favorite songs, we’ll even play it while they paint! Parents are also welcome to join in so long as they are painting the same thing as their child. (Or anything the would like, if they don’t require the help of an instructor.) We want to make this fun and special for your kids! Birthday parties are two hours long, and at least one adult must be present at all times. Don’t worry about cleaning up the mess – we’ll take care of that once the party ends.

Cost: $200. This provides for up to 8 painters, with each extra participant costing an additional $25 each for a 16×20 canvas. Maximum of 50 painters. An initial, nonrefundable $100 deposit is required upon reservation. Please see our calender for available dates and give us a call if you have any additional concerns.

  • 16×20 Canvas $25
  • 12×16 Canvas $15
  • Kids Door Hangers $19



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